International conference on infectious disease dynamics, including epidemic and pandemic modelling and field studies


Fifth International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics

December 1-4, 2015 | Clearwater Beach, FL, USA

We are pleased to announce that The Fifth International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics - EPIDEMICS5 - will take place in Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA, December 1-4, 2015. This series of conferences, started with the inaugural Epidemics1 Conference in Asilomar, USA in 2008 and followed by meetings in Athens, Greece in 2009, Boston, USA in 2011 and Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2013, has grown into the main meeting for researchers studying the dynamics of infectious diseases. The conference attracts over 400 scientists, with representatives from many of the major research groups in this area worldwide. If you want to meet many of your peers in this field, this is the place to go.

We will convene to share another three days of intense dialogue on our ideas, data, insight, models and methods. The format will be similar to previous editions, with about 10 plenary invited speakers from within our field, but also from neighboring fields such as immunology, microbiology, ecology, as well as public health policy. There is room for about 80 contributed oral presentations in a maximum of three parallel sessions. There will be many poster presentations and the program continues to be set up to maximize poster exposure and interaction. The poster sessions of the meeting are especially lively and stimulating.

Abstracts are invited on the topics below by July 3, 2015 for oral and poster contributions at the conference.

We hope to see you (again) in Clearwater Beach in December,

Ira Longini & Hans Heesterbeek
Epidemics5 co-chairs

Topics include:

  • Dynamics of infectious diseases of humans
  • Dynamics of infectious diseases of animals
  • Within-host dynamics and immuno-epidemiology
  • Ecology of infectious diseases
  • Evolution and phylodynamics in infectious diseases
  • Dynamics and consequences of antimicrobial resistance
  • Global, economic and policy aspects of control and prevention
  • Statistical methods for infectious disease data
  • Social, spatial and network aspects of interaction
  • Problems related to the "end game" of eradication
  • Zoonoses and other cross-species events
  • Vector-borne diseases
  • Host behaviour and infectious diseases
  • Multi-host and multi-pathogen/parasite systems
  • Problems in vaccine-preventable infections & vaccination strategy
  • Modelling for Ebola, its control and vaccination strategy
  • Problems in neglected tropical macroparasitic diseases

“Best conference in the field.”

At the last conference, leading scientists from around the world gathered to promote and share their research. Here’s how they described Epidemics4:

“Best conference in the field.”
“Great for meeting other researchers.”
“It is one of the most important and useful conferences for someone in this field.”

Hear about the research presented at to previous conferences in the series from the researchers themselves – watch the EPIDEMICS Poster Pitches

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