Epidemics6 - International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics

29 November – 1 December 2017 | Sitges (near Barcelona), Spain

Join us for the Sixth International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics to share another three days of intense dialogue on our ideas, data, insight, models and methods.This conference regularly attracts over 400 scientists, with representatives from many of the major research groups in this area worldwide. If you want to meet many of your peers in this field, this is the place to go.

Topics include:

  • Dynamics of infectious diseases of humans
  • Dynamics of infectious diseases of animals
  • Within-host dynamics and immuno-epidemiology
  • Ecology of infectious diseases
  • Evolution and phylodynamics in infectious diseases
  • Dynamics and consequences of antimicrobial resistance
  • Global, economic and policy aspects of control and prevention
  • Statistical methods for infectious disease data
  • Social, spatial and network aspects of interaction
  • Problems related to the "end game" of eradication
  • Zoonoses and other cross-species events
  • Vector-borne diseases
  • Host behaviour and infectious diseases
  • Multi-host and multi-pathogen/parasite systems
  • Problems in vaccine-preventable infections & vaccination strategy
  • Problems in neglected tropical macroparasitic diseases

“Best conference in the field”

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“Best conference in the field.”
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Conference Chairs

  • Neil Ferguson, Imperial College London, UK
  • Hans Heesterbeek, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands


  • Roy M. Anderson, Imperial College London, UK
  • Marc Bonten, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Caroline Buckee, Harvard School of Public Health, USA
  • Simon Cauchemez, Institute Pasteur, Paris, France
  • Liz Corbett, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
  • Derek Cummings, University of Florida, USA
  • Eva Harris, University of California at Berkeley, USA
  • Andrew Rambaut, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Tanja Stadler, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Aleksandra Walczak, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

Conference Committee

  • Trevor Bedford, Fred Hutch, USA
  • Katia Koelle, Duke University, USA
  • Justin Lessler, Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Jodie Mcvernon, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • C. Jessica Metcalf, Princeton University, USA
  • Tanja Stadler, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Cécile Viboud, NIH-Fogarty International Center, USA
  • Jacco Wallinga, RIVM and University of Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Joseph Wu, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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